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La Fée Verte

a.k.a. the green fairy

Opening hours
Monday: 15.00 – 24.00

Tuesday: 15.00 – 24.00
Wednesday: 15.00 – 24.00
Thursday: 15.00 – 02.00
Friday: 15.00 – 02.00
Saturday: 15.00 – 02.00
Sunday: Closed

Monday only open for bookings

Absinthe, cocktails, and rock bar in Copenhagen with live music

Psychedelic absinthe and rock bar in Copenhagen with live music

La Fée Verte is a family owned, vinyl based, psychedelic, rock bar with live music in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen.

Besides our large selection of absinthe, we also have a wide selection of draught beer, bottled beer, cocktails, and drinks.

Music is a big part of the experience at La Fée Verte, therefore we play proper rock music and both old and new psychedelic music in the right way: on vinyl and live.

As our goal is to make La Fée Verte a meeting point for musicians and artists from our local community we proudly host live music events and other cultural events for our local musicians and artists.

At La Fée Verte our belief and policy is that everyone is welcome and will be treated equally and with respect, hence we strongly disapprove of racism, sexism, genderphobia and other offensive behaviour and comments.

We expect our guests to behave accordingly.



It is a known fact that absinthe must be poured over a sugar lump, which is then set on fire, to finally extinguish it in the absinthe.



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